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Sketches of various constrictor profiles, attempting to help illustrate that these snakes don’t just vary in color and size, but there’s tons of variation even down to facial structure.

This was a fun exercise~


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Miscarriage Encouragment

Okay, so it has been 2 weeks since I MC my first pregnancy at 12w 2d on March 2nd. My husband and I were ecstatic, we have talked about our future children since 2 weeks after we met, we found out I was pregnant 2 weeks before our second anniversary. I know that everything happens for a reason, we may never know those reasons until we meet Jesus in Heaven, but they exist non the less. I was sitting on the toilet my husband was still asleep while the worst of it was happening. Crying for the loss of my child, and for the physical and emotional turmoil I was experiencing. Amongst all this I asked God why out loud, “God why is this happening”?. One week later he answered my question. See a year ago, a year after we were married, my husband did something that hurt me greatly emotionally. I ended up building walls, walls he had never seen, because I had always been so open with him. I didn’t want to have sex, cuddle, talk, or spend time together. I wanted to be left alone. In that years time we drifted apart. I went to work 4 days after the MC and I was in no way emotionally ready to return. I worked 4 days in a row when I went back and it was just too much for me to handle. Everyday when I came home I walked in the door, sat on the couch, and sobbed. I was still mourning the loss of my child, and the wounds were still very fresh in my mind and body. After all of that time pushing him away, I let him back in. I sobbed on his shoulders for days, he held me and let me mourn. I told him that I had pushed him away because of what happened a year ago. He told me he had known, and was sorry because he knew it was his fault. He then said I’m just thankful it only took you a year and not 10 or 20, that he had just been waiting for me too come back too him, and we cried together. Forgiveness. Lesson one learned.

In the early stages of my pregnancy I was mad, mad because I knew a lot of women who were also pregnant. 5 in my family, and a  girl I work with. I was mad because I thought they were “stealing my thunder”, well now I have no “thunder” to be stolen. My heart had become cold, not just from my husband, but for many other things that had happened in my life. My heart is now soft, full of understanding and forgiveness. Ladies EVERYTHING happens for a reason, whether it’s to teach us a lesson, or simply too help us grow stronger. Soften my heart. Lesson two learned.

This Bible verse has really helped me to let go and too trust in God, he always has a bigger plan for us, always. John 13:7 “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” Words of truth, words of comfort. I am truly sorry for you women who have lost, it’s a very sad, painful thing to go through, especially alone. Remember you are never alone, God is always with you, always loving, always understanding. God Bless ladies, we will meet our babies in Heaven someday, right now their with Jesus, and the angels watching over us!!

If you would like to back track and read my MC story, the link for that is here: My MC Story

Again God Bless, and thank you for reading.







Found more photos of the black Woma from last year. EGGS! LOOK EGGS!
Chris from SnakeRanch has said the hatchlings have all come out normal so far but are close to finding out what is going on with her genes. Hopefully it’ll be good news this year.

this is an interesting project but i’m more interested in the controversy over the Albino spotted’s that’s going on  at  present.

also speaking of the Ranch , project animals and  hyper melanin
dose any one have any recent updates on the Black Princess project? ( hyper melanistic Darwin carpet)  

So awesome to see updated photos of this girl!  Also I missed out on the controversy pda, what was all that about?

it was all over face book last night,   APPARENTLY a lot of breeders who have the albs have had a bad season with a good chunk of all albino offspring produced this season  either not making it, or coming out with major deformities , a number of hets have also come out severely deformed too from what i’ve seen of it.   

all the animals expressing or carrying the albino gene have came from the same founding male,  from Snake ranch. 

and a lot to people aren’t happy with what they are seeing with this line,  saying that the Ranch hasent exactly been forth coming with the details on the issues that this line has . 

a representative from the ranch had been asked to come on one of the radio shows and discuses the issues that’s on every ones mind but have  declined the offer , saying that  ”we are only out to destroy them” 

thing is this mutation is still “brand spanking new” 
and  judging by the issues seen this season , needs a LOT of work to strengthen the line .

a lot to the  anger there is  over the fact that people have paid some big money to get these animals, and weren’t adequately informed about any potential issues with them .

clutch deformities are reported to come from
het X het pairings , alb x het pairings , alb X alb pairings.

i don’t know about any  het x wild type, or alb WT results. 

but there has been a high fatality rate with the animals that were produced this season, reported from a number of different breeders .

and it seams that the Ranch doesn’t want to give anything up on this matter in the way of details , maintaining that “its on a need to know” basis.

that’s the short of it, with out giving specific names etc,   
as with any drama in the herp world there is a fair big of politics and mud slinging going on as well as the core issue.

hearing the drama with this line  dose make me sad,
it was a project i was hoping to get into at some point,
but   but for now is way out of my price range, and hearing that there are so many issues with them, even if i could afford to get in on them,  i wouldn’t want to. 

maybe in another 5-10 years when they have improved the line ,and IF the price drops i might re consider them,   but for now   im just keeping my ear to the ground and seeing whats out there. 

sorry rebloged it to the wrong blog woops! 

I’d missed out on this too, thanks for the info.


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Voigt knows he is glorious from every angle!


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